Affordable Skid Steer Tracks


The tracks will arrive on a pallet rolled up into four sections. You will need to bolt two of the sections together, then lay them out on the ground. Carefully drive onto them with you skid steer and stop at the halfway point. Roll the tracks up over the front and rear of the tires, then use a ratchet strap to pull them together. 

Each link in between pads has two hold for adjustment. Tracks should sag in between tires approximately 1 to 3 inches. 

Place a 2 x 4 or straight edge across the top of the track and measure between the 2 x 4 or straight edge and the top of the track to determine the proper sag.

Machine and track manufacturers require that you have a 3 inch clearance between the machine and the inside of the tire.

We do sell wheel spacers if they are needed, for an additional $450.00. Few older machines require a 3/4" boom stop to keep the boom arm from touching the tracks. 


The pads and links are made of patented "marbin". The same process used to make the hardest weldments in the lawn and garden industry. They have a rockwell hardness of 48-52, compared to the competitors soft cast or forged tracks.

Our tracks are up to 50% lighter than the competitions, since the "marbin" process allows for extreme strength with less weight. This makes the track easier to handle and keeps more horse power on the ground. The tracks use replaceable shoulder bolts and nuts. They are hardened to grade nine and fine threaded for a secure fit.

The tracks are adjustable to fit all wheel bases and are completely rebuildable.